Monday, March 14th, 2005

I went to the post office yesterday!

Yay! Ten packages went out yesterday. Four Valentine’s gifts went abroad. One pretty Valentine’s doll went to Carrie. A lovely pair of socks plus a beaded keychain adornment went to Grandma June. A James Dean calendar went to Mari in Virginia. Some catalogues went to mom in Oregon. And then there were a couple of merchandise returns. That was an event. I don’t get the post office much, so when I do, I have a truckload.

I mentioned yesterday about spinning…

Quite frankly, I’m dying to show Jessica how I rigged up a lazy kate, and a tensioned one at that! Just because I know she’ll laugh at me. Yes, I rented a spinning wheel without a lazy kate or a hook. Check it out.


Nate calls it a “lazy fake”. Clever boy. I took 24 gauge wire and strung the bobbins to the chair. I didn’t expect it to be tensioned, but because they rest against the back of the chair, it works beautifully.


This has been the scene in my family room for the past couple of days. I’ve been spinning away, and now plying. Hee hee. My first time plying. I may be doing it completely wrong, as I’ve had no real instruction on how to do it, but I’m very happy with how the yarn is turning out.


In fact, after I set the twist and hung it to dry, it barely twisted at all. I’d like to think that means I did something right. (And if you noticed in the second picture, we have our fairy tales a bit messed up. That would be Cinderella with the spinning wheel, not Sleeping Beauty. The Sleeping Beauty dress in this house is size 6x).

I have more pictures, but I’ll save them for tomorrow. Like I said, it was a busy weekend.

Oh, and one last thing…

This just showed up in my inbox. Wow. I’m not being unkind, everyone has their thing, and more power to them. I really believe that. In this case, it isn’t my thing, but I am notorious for liking crazy stuff, so I can hardly point fingers. That being said…. wow.