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Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Health Group- week 46

The good news is that I’m feeling better! I think I’ll be able to start up with the exercise next week. I’m looking forward to it.

This week, I didn’t do any aerobic exercise. I’ve been doing my PT, which does wear me out. I’m getting stronger. My back is feeling better. Things are good.

This week, I ate a lot of homemade hummus. Before I got my hands on some EXCELLENT pita chips, I was eating it on stalks of celery. Mmmmm. That was good. The pita chips are good, too.

What I love about hummus: (aside from the fact that it’s yummy).

I can make it from scratch. I love cooking things from raw materials. Soaking and cooking beans, etc. It’s fun.

The ingredients store well. Dry garbanzo beans, tahini, minced garlic, lemon juice, salt…. All of these things can be kept and stored, so if I ever get the jones, I can make it without having to run to the store.

It’s healthy. I haven’t done a lot of research, just some quick reading, but it’s supposed to be way good for me. And, according to my M-I-L, garbanzo beans have some of the same vitamins that grean leafy veggies have. She’s on blood thinners, and has a list of foods she can’t eat. Unfortunately for her, hummus is one of them. I take that to mean it’s quite good for me!

It is both a snack AND a meal! If I want a little snack, it does the trick. If I keep snacking, I’ve got a meal out of it.

It fills me quick, and I stay full for a long time. Aren’t beans GREAT?!

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

There’s a yarn sale today

Kirkland Yarn & Stitchery is having a Spring Fling, and all their yarn is 20% off. The reason this is particularly appealing to me is because this specific yarn store carries Karabella Lace Mohair, which is the recommended yarn for the Lily of the Valley shawl that many of you are familiar with, because I mention it often. But for those of you who aren’t…


She’s a beauty.

Knit-along news-

I’ve started Cable-Eight! Finally.


Of course, I’ve messed with it. I was thinking about possible modifications as I was knitting on the first piece. While looking at the picture in the mag, I started having raglan thoughts. After consulting my favorite book, I decided to knit my Cable-Eight as a raglan, and in the round (thus avoiding both bulky seams AND crochet). I’m leaving the cute little slits at the bottom, and making it with long, 2×2 ribbed sleeves. I knit a smaller size than I originally intended in the hopes that doing so would leave me with enough yarn.

What has yet to be decided is the neckline. V-neck? Scoop? Should I leave it straight like in the pattern? Or, hehe, should I do some crazy short row thing to make one of those loosey-goosey floppy necks that I love so much, but have yet to see named? The drape of this fabric is luscious.

Janet has joined our KAL.

Skylar has finished her yummy Cable-Eight, and looks fabulous in it!

I didn’t have time to scan the blogs. Who’s got progress? Talk to us! And I’m feeling like I’ve missed someone over in the “Done” section. If you’re Cable-Eight is done, let me know so I can promote you in the sidebar. If you told me already, and you’re not there, tell me again.

Thanks to everyone for the discussion yesterday about eyesight. It was much appreciated. I guess I’m trotting down the crafter’s path to bifocals. At least I’m enjoying the road.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

I’m too young for this

Although the big 3-0 looms closer, I do not see 30 as being old. I don’t see 40 as being old. 50 I take on a case-by-case basis, but frequently, not old.

Do any of you knitters out there have problems with your eyes? My eyes have been stable for a long time now, but recently, I feel my sight has gotten worse. More importantly, my eyes don’t change focus. If I’m knitting, and I look up to see the clock in the kitchen, I can’t read it. At all. If I blink, and look around for a minute and try again, I STILL can’t read it. In that same chair, if I haven’t been knitting, I can see it just fine. This focusing situation is worrisome. Am I the only one?

I finished the thing I was knitting yesterday. (How mysterious I am). It wasn’t nearly as annoying as the first one, so maybe it just took some getting used to. The thought of knitting more of them no longer fills my heart with dread. This is a good thing.

I get to work at the yarn store most of the day today as the owner has somewhere to be. It’s a very quiet shop, and I look forward enjoying a peaceful, calm day as well as amassing more store credit! Plusses all around.

You’re probably tired of my empty promises, but… Maybe I’ll start Cable-Eight!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

To seam, or not to seam

That is the question.

The second front of the VCC is blocking. I am still thinking it will be too short. So, should I finish it as is, or should I frog the top of both fronts and the back and add a few, or even several inches to the body before decreasing for the armhole?

I had credit at the LYS, and brought home some Lamb’s Pride to make myself a hoodie!


The hoodie from the first S&B book, to be precise. What do you think? I can’t decide if it’s striking, or if it doesn’t quite work. For those of you familliar with the pattern, I want to use the dark, heathered gray for the main body color and hood, the Raspberry for the sleeves and big stripe across the chest, and the Victorian Pink as the thin, stripy accents.

I’m also thinking about making a slight modification. I don’t think I own a single dropped shoulder sweater, nor can I picture myself in one. So I’m thinking about making this one a modified dropped shoulder. What do you think? I’m hoping it’ll keep the same boxy look yet be a bit more flattering. I don’t have a start date for this sweater, but it’s nice to have the yarn. The other color combination I think would look good in Lamb’s Pride is Kiwi, Turkish Olive, and that fabulous butter color I can’t remember the name of. My LYS doesn’t have the Kiwi, so it would require some cash.

My poor puppy seems to be recovering. He had a lot of intestinal trouble in his first year of life, so I know the drill. I spent yesterday caring for him.

I have some knitting to show you, but once again, only those of you who are NOT my mom or mom-in-law are allowed to look.

Monday, April 25th, 2005

Well, it started out good

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Gayle and I went to JoAnn’s and picked up a few things to get her started making her own stitch markers. We had a great afternoon, and I made many more really neat markers.

Last night completely sucked. We came home late from playing at my in-laws’ to find that Abner had been very, very sick while we were gone. I don’t know WHAT the idiot got into, but it was awful. It took an extremely long time for the both of us to clean it up. I had to bathe him. We were up very, very late. I have an early Physical Therapy appointment this morning. Despite the fact that he was contained in his kennel, I wanted to torch the whole house. It was that disgusting. I’m not over it yet. I don’t have much else to say right now. I’m tired. I hate 2 1/2 year old adolescent golden retrievers. I never want to have to touch anything disgusting ever again.

I hope your day is lovely.

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

She’s at it again

Progress on the VCC- I’m all done with the big pieces. I have a little bit of sewing to finish on the pocket before I block, and then it’s on to seaming and the collar. I am now quite convinced that this will not fit me, and it’s possible that it never will. I’ll wait until it’s finished to make the final determination, at which point I’ll either hang it in front of my treadmill as inspiration, or I’ll try it on all my nearest relations, see who wants it, and hold a drawing. (Then again, maybe I’ll hold out for bribes :-) . In either case, I have no regrets. This project has been a delight.

I’ve taken a break from literal stitch work over the weekend, and have been entertaining myself with more excellent books on the topic. Currently, I’m making my way through Deb Menz’s Colorworks: The Crafter’s Guide to Color. Excellent book. The first time I glanced through it on the shelf, I missed it’s value and purpose. After spending some time in Color in Spinning by the same author, I decided to give it a second look and promptly brought it home. Fascinating stuff. But then, I love color. I love working with it, combining it, staring at it….

Which is why I’ve also been doing this all weekend-



Trust me, there’s more. Lots more.

I’ve had the itch for awhile now, and we happened to have about 30 minutes to kill on Saturday, across the street from the JoAnn’s superstore in Lynnwood. I made the casual suggestion that we could pass the time there. Nate was amenable because he had promised the girls some art supplies. Their entire beading section was 30% off. And, to keep it short, I came home with toys.

So, it’s all about stitch markers again. Since I know I’ll make more than I could ever use before I’m tired of it, I’m thinking about doing another round of Finchy Gifties. I’m not yet sure how I want to orchestrate this one, so stay tuned.

And in the “Does it get any cuter than that?” category, in which Veronica is prominently featured, she did it again. Last night, she came into my room, hoisted a large copy of The Lorax on my bed, and asked me to read it to her. I love that book, even though it is sad. The colors (once again with color), and the trees! And the knitting of Thneeds, well, you know, it’s a good book. So as I’m reading, she shouts out parts she knows, and we get to the introduction of the Thneed. She yells, “Fneed, a Fneed is what everyone needs!” I love how she uses “F’s” in place of “TH’s”, but I wasn’t expecting it there. A Fneed. That is definitely what I need.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Health Group- week 45

I did the best I could this week. I ate better than I have in a long time. I did 50 minutes of treadmill on Tuesday and Wednesday before I got sick again. This time, the offending illness is a head cold. Last time, it was in my chest with flu symptoms, so at least it’s something new. I guess. I weighed in at 222 this morning. That’s better than the 224 earlier this week.

How are you doing?

I bought Tahina last night so I could make Hummus. I’ve only eaten Hummus, like, once. I had it for the first time last weekend, and it was yummy. I’m thinking that it could be a good, new food for me. I know it has a lot of fat in it, but it’s good fat. The bit that I read on the internet said it’s really healthy. Mmmmmm, hummus.

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Knit-along day

Well, I spent way too long on the computer last night looking for Cable-Eights.

Rebekah has re-started her pretty Cable-Eight, and it’s lovely.

Janell has finished a smasher! I love her modifications! They’re inspiring me.

Uta has a great start on a red one, and it’s her first cable! Good job!

Diana’s blog features a shot of Janell and herself modeling the Cable-Eights together. Looks fab, ladies!

Emy has joined in the Hayden-along. How are the Haydens coming? We still have a few out there.

Rumor has it that Gayle picked up a Cable-Eight needle for me yesterday. So, theoretically, with the VCC nearly done, I should be starting on it. I’m going to try something along the line of Janell’s. I’m loving the V neck and the sleeves. I was going to go into more detail, but my plans are up in the air again, so you’ll have to wait.

I spent yesterday in bed, or most of it, reading the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. What a cool book! I want one. The one I have now is borrowed.

Why am I back in bed? You’ll never guess. Sinus infection, sore throat, and (wait for it), exhaustion. Lucky me.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Almost there….

(stay on target).

I’m very, very close to completing the remaining piece of the VCC.


I hope I enjoy knitting Cable-Eight this much. I have grand plans for some serious modifications to the pattern. More on that tomorrow.

In other news… At church last Sunday, we arrived almost early. This meant we got to sit closer to the front than usual, but more importantly, it meant we got there in time for the soft, padded chairs. This is a good thing. We usually arrive a few minutes late when all the soft chairs and padded pews are taken and we get stuck on the cold, metal folding chairs in the way back. Aside from being less than comfortable, they are also slightly slanted, which means the crayons the girls are coloring with perpetually roll off the back and land in a purse belonging to someone sitting behind us. It’s a pain.

Side note- there was a time, shortly after the girls learned to knit, that the three of us would be quietly knitting in the very back of the congregation, disturbing no one. Unfortunately, they got bored with that. Maybe it’s the excitement of rolling crayons.

Anyway, this last Sunday, being in a different area than usual, we were sitting in front of a really old couple that we don’t usually sit by. They were right behind us, and apparently found the girls entertaining. I received a call yesterday afternoon from the wife, who asked me if I’d like to have the two dollhouses and accompanying furniture that she and her husband made for their grandchildren many years ago, as their grandchildren are all grown. I said yes. Click the link to see what I came home with.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Block party



I haven’t had much time to knit, but I DID manage to block out four pieces of the VCC. I am really looking forward to seaming it. Once it’s all seamed, I’ll probably order a custom two way zipper online from Zippersource. They sent me their little catalogue/packet thing. It’s cool. (If you follow the link, tell me…. Do you really think that pretty model with the dainty nose is spending her life sewing zippers? I doubt it).