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Monday, October 31st, 2005

I have a lot for you today

First of all, Happy Halloween!


It’s a witch and her cat! And it wasn’t until just now that I realized I painted Abby’s kitty nose upside down. Dangit.


Next, a friend of mine’s husband has cancer, and has been undergoing a lot of horrible treatments. She called me on Friday and asked if I’d make him a hat, because he’s cold all the time, and she’s had a hard time finding a comfortable hat in the stores. Now I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it myself.


I am also going to make him some fingerless mitts.

The kicker with this hat (which looks much better stretched out a little bit) is that it’s, well, let me back up. Nate and I were sitting on the couch while I was trying to decide what kind of a hat to make. My friend wants it to have a lot of give. Her problem with the store bought hats is that they are uncomfortably tight on her husband. Ribbing seemed like a natural answer, and I was going to go with the 3×3 ribbing I had been knitting on the VCC. But then I though that maybe a 5×1 rib would have a classier look, and Nate suggested a 4×2. So I swatched the 4×2. It looked good. I’ve started the hat, and and after hours of knitting, have yet to get into a groove with the 4×2 ribbing. It is 1 stitch off of the 3×3 ribbing, in each direction, that I have been knitting on the VCC for weeks. I keep trying to switch back to a purl stitch after 3 knits. It’s driving me crazy. And you know what will happen, I’ll get into the groove right about the time I finish the hat, then I’ll go back to the VCC and be screwed up the other way.

Finally, This is what I’ve been looking at since about 6 o’clock Saturday night.


Elevated and iced, baby. That’s right. I sprained my ankle. Popping sound and everything. Writhing, screaming pain.

So I didn’t get to go to the girls’ Halloween party Saturday night to hear the “oohs” and “ahhhs” over Veronica’s completely adorable costume, and I can’t go to the school and help out with the Halloween party today, like I’d signed up to do. I can’t go trick-or-treating tonight. I can’t take Advil because I’m pregnant. I can’t exercise like I want to. I’ve found that sitting on the couch with a gimpy leg encourages my consumption of chocolate, which makes my delicate tummy unhappy, and makes my inability to exercise all the more tragic.

My friend, after asking me to knit her husband a hat on Friday, heard from someone else that I’ve been really sick. She called back on Saturday to withdraw her request and I told her that because I’m sick, knitting is all I can do anyway. Well, now that I’m a GIMP, I’ll be knitting hats for EVERYBODY.

Which reminds me, come to think of it……

I am totally digging my Esther Williams hat. (See sidebar). It’s one of my favorites, I wear it frequently, and when I do, I always get compliments. (And nobody calls it a vest)! So, I’m thinking that even though it will drive me insane trying to write out those wretched decreases, I might try to write out the pattern. Mainly because I want a pink one, and I already have the yarn.

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Health Group- Year 2, week 21

I’m not miserable today! This is very exciting. I haven’t eaten very much, and that might be part of it. Eating always makes things worse.

I didn’t get out into my garage to exercise this week. I’m still optimistic that I can get out there today. And hopefully at least a couple times next week.

Pregnant weight so far… 230. I think that’s the same as last week? Cool. My tummy is big enough now that when Nate hugs me, I can feel it getting smooshed. I’m really digging that. It’s fun.

Another thing that’s fun is the pretty bracelet and earrings I have on. My sister-in-law had a Cookie Lee Jewelry party at her house last night, and another sister-in-law and I drove down together. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but I’m a sucker for things that sparkle, and Nate gave me a budget, so I came home with some pretties! And silly as it is, it makes me happy! Which is probably why I sound so chipper.

How are you?

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Fridays suck

I enjoy being in the classroom with my daughters, but it wears a sick & pregnant mom out. I almost passed out first thing this morning in Olivia’s class, because I was kneeling over those tiny little 1st grade desks, helping a boy with silent reading, and all the sudden everything went dark and my head was spinning. Blast. The teacher was trying to tell me something at the time, and I had to interrupt her and run out of the room to put my head down on a table and breathe. Breathe. Water. Breathe.

I’m sure people wonder why I’m at school if I can barely handle it, but it means SO much to the girls to have me there, I’d hate to let them down. And next year isn’t going to be any easier with an infant attached to the outside of me.

We found out today that Veronica is no longer allowed to play with her sisters at recess between my two scheduled class times, despite the fact that I’m sitting right there, and keeping an eye on things, because the school’s insurance won’t cover her if anything happens. And I guess the fact that I have medical insurance isn’t good enough. Veronica cried. It was sad. They told her she could sit on the bench and watch them play. And that is very comforting to a 4 year old, don’t you think? I don’t blame the messenger, it’s just a stupid consequence of our sue-happy society. Every institution has to protect itself.

Last night I knit the 3 head pieces, two bunny ears, and the main body part to the stuffed bear/rabbit pattern I told you about yesterday. She has written the pattern out very well so far. I’ve made minor notes, mainly to clarify, not change anything. It is great for someone who likes to knit flat. Personally, I enjoy knitting in the round, shaping with decreases and using double pointed needles. But that’s just me. I think this could be a great toy pattern for everyone else out there that doesn’t feel the way I do.

There isn’t much to show, just a bunch of little, curling stockinette pieces of various shapes, waiting to be steamed, seamed, and stuffed.

I think our Cable-Eight along is practically dead. We had a completion last week, however, from a sweet lady who has forgiven me for forgetting to add her to the sidebar. Give her props.

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Well, I could be knitting…

But instead, I’ve been sleeping and poking around on eBay.

Yesterday, I was too tired to knit, so I took a nap. Then last night, after our weekly tea party with the girls, I decided to look online for more pieces to the tea set we used.


And I found matching dessert plates! I’m very excited. The cups and saucers can be found in abundance, and cheap, but I’ve had the hardest time finding a good set of plates. I hope I win, I hope I win! And don’t any of you go and outbid me!!!

Well, that little bit of eBay-ing led to more eBay-ing, and then this morning when I called my mom, we both got on the computer and looked together. Yeah. A couple hours later and I’m still in my pj’s and haven’t knit a stitch.

I collect milk glass, and Fenton Silvercrest, and tea sets, (sort of). I am a practical collector though, so instead of looking for the particularly rare piece, I look for things I can use. Serving pieces, mainly. And in each category, there are specific pieces I like and want. I used to eBay a lot, until our financial situation changed a little over two years ago, at which point I stopped to avoid torturing myself. I haven’t been on it much since, but since last night, I’ve been indulging. And, of course, I’ve found some really great stuff. Ebay is so cool.

If I win any auctions, I’ll show you what I bought. I’m pretty cheap, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In knitting news, these filler panels for the VCC are taking much longer than I anticipated, and I’m getting bored. Fortunately, I have a gorgeous, almost done sweater to keep me motivated, but I’m already dreaming of starting the Angora Interlocking Balloons scarf. And I might try designing a hat to match, depending on how much yarn I have left afterwards.

Also, my friend April has written a pattern for the cutest little bear and rabbit, complete with wardrobe. (And let me tell you that when it comes to knit toys, I am VERY picky. You can believe me when I say that they’re cool). Anyway, she has asked me to “test knit” her pattern to make sure it’s written well enough to publish and sell. I was going to do that this morning, until the siren song of eBay called, and I was unable to resist.

You’ll be seeing those soon.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Haven’t we seen this already?


Well, not this exactly, but, it IS the VCC blocking. Again. Although this time, I seamed up as much as I could first. It kind of looks like a sweater with four arms, doesn’t it?

And here is why I’m dumb.

So, I’m looking at my little bathroom sink yesterday, wondering if I can fit the whole sweater in it to soak. I managed to cram the whole thing in, but it was tight. After it had a good soak, I wondered how I was going to get the water out. So I squeeze it out over the sink, which did practically nothing. Then I put it in the bathtub and walked on it. Also did nothing. Then it occurs to me to spin it in my washing machine. And as I’m running through my house, dripping much water all over the floor in the process, it strikes me that I could have done the whole stupid thing in the washing machine. I could have soaked it, and spun it dry without soaking myself, or my floors. I’m an idiot.

To add to my insult, after spinning the water out, it dried faster than anything else I’ve blocked.

Take a note, use the freaking washing machine to block stuff.

(Now, in my defense, I must say that most everything I’ve blocked to this point was significantly smaller than an already seamed sweater, so sink soaking and rolling in towels has worked well, but still, I felt stupid).

Hayden and I met at the new theater mansion in Alderwood last night and watched Elizabethtown. And I really enjoyed it. Not because I’m particularly partial to Orlando Bloom, although it helped, but it was a really neat movie. Now I’m annoyed with all the critics that gave it bad reviews. Yes, it is very slow moving, but I think it had to be to convey what it’s trying to convey. It’s a real-life kind of movie, and the main character had a lot of life discovery to do. If they had rushed through it, his transformation would have seemed forced and unrealistic.

(Like in most other movies, that leave me thinking that in a month or so, after the novelty of whatever “big event” that has changed their life wears off, the loser will be back to their old tricks). When Elizabethtown ended last night, I believed that Drew legitimately had a bright, new life ahead of him.

Additionally, I liked the fact that I didn’t bawl. I’m a crier, and I HATE it! So while I shed a few tears last night, it didn’t make me actually cry. I appreciated that. The only think I didn’t like was a very crass comment that Susan Sarandon’s character made during her memorial monologue. And she had to repeat it about 4 times. Whatever.

I found Elizabethtown very moving, in a warm way, and fully recommend it, so long as you go into it knowing that it’s long and slow.

Today, I’m going to knit some more on the filler panels for the VCC, so I can hopefully finish it up and start wearing it soon. There are still a zillion ends to weave it, and I need to find a two-way zipper.

Then, I’ll be asking you all how in the heck I sew a zipper into a sweater.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Pumpkin party

It was great! There were 31 adults and 17 little kids there last night, unless I’m missing someone. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to count the pumpkins, but they were everywhere. Here are some highlights.








The sleeves are sewn onto the VCC, but it isn’t blocking yet. I’m about 6 inches into the first filler panel.

Monday, October 24th, 2005

I’m on the collar of the VCC

And I’d be done with the collar, if I hadn’t forgot to slip the first stitch of the row, 10 rows back. Unfortunately, it’s too noticeable for me to ignore, so I ripped it, and I have another hour of collar knitting ahead of me. But


Isn’t it pretty? After I finish the collar, I want to attach the sleeves, then lay the whole thing out flat to block. While it’s drying, I will knit the filler panels with the yarn that used to be the original armholes.

We’re close, very close.

And I saw something over the weekend I think you should see. If you think I’m creative with the Best Friend Doll pattern, check out what Lisa did!! (Scroll down). Isn’t it great? How on earth did she do that skinny little nose? It can’t be i-cord.

We’re having our extremely large pumpkin carving party tonight. Nate’s excited. I’m just tired. But I know it will be a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Health Group- Year 2, week 20

I feel rotten. Absolutely bleh. It’s been a busy week, and I really only rested Tuesday and Wednesday. We slept in ’til 10 this morning and after making breakfast, I went back to bed to knit. Now we’re up to make lunch.

I need to eat better, but nothing sounds good. I did an hour of weights and physical therapy on Monday, and it felt really good, but that is all I managed this week. I’ll keep trying.

Today I weighed in at 230, so the pounds are starting to show up. And my belly is swelling, which I enjoy. Even though some people don’t think I look pregnant, just bigger. And you know who you are :-) . Fortunately, it’s not my husband.

All I know is that when I am standing up, and I look down, I can see stomach poking out past my huge chest. And that only happens to me when I’m pregnant.

Sorry to be a downer. I feel so awful, I don’t have any spunk today. How’d you do this week Health Groupers?

Friday, October 21st, 2005

Pete’s back!


It was such a circus at the airport, mainly comprised of our large extended family, that I couldn’t get any decent pictures. Everyone was vying for the best spots, so I ended up with a lot of the back of his head. The above picture is the best I got, in which he’s hugging my mother-in-law. We all got the italian double kiss. The brothers had a grand time with that. But they’re a bum-pinching family anyway. Well, the boys are, amongst themselves.

The party was great. The cookies were great.


The nice thing about these cookies as opposed to the sugar cookies I made on Monday, is that I could roll and sugar coat them sitting at the table, instead of standing at the counter. So I didn’t get nearly as tired. But I’m still tired. I will type up the recipe for you soon.

Veronica was a big help, and was rolling and coating cookies right along with me. That was fun. When I was taking the cookie picture, she asked if I’d take her picture, too. So I did. And she would neither sit still nor look at the camera, so I only got a couple keepers, and even they’re a little blurry.



As far as Cable-Eights go, I know that Jenn has been working on hers, and it looks very nice. Anyone else?

I’m in a bit of a rush, I need to be at the school in 15 minutes, and Veronica isn’t awake yet. I haven’t been able to rouse her.

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Again with the cookies?

Monday, I cut and baked 7 dozen pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. Today, I’m going to be making about as many gingerbread cookies. (The yummiest gingerbread cookie in the entire world, I might add). But before I do, I have to haul off to the store to get dinner stuffs, because we’re going to be eating on the run, and I need supplies.

Tonight, at 6:30, Nate’s youngest brother comes home from Italy. (This would be Pete, the recipient of Pete’s Bag linked in the sidebar.) He’s been there for 2 long years, and tonight, we’re going to party. I’m bringing a zillion cookies. (Nate has a very, very large family).

It’s going to be a busy day. I’m glad I’ve been able to rest up these past two days. And resting up I’ve been.

I’m halfway through the armholes on the back of the VCC. 4 1/2 inches to go, then I get to start armholes on the two fronts. This additional length is turning out to be a very good thing. I am very glad I decided to frog and re-knit, and I’m so excited to wear this sweater! I think it’ll look great. And once it’s done, I’m going to jump right into the Interlocking Balloons scarf from Scarf Style, in my red Angora yarn by Elsebeth Lavold. I think they’ll go together nicely.

And finally, mom sent a picture of her clogs.


I wish you could see how fluffy they are. Lamb’s Pride makes gorgeous slippers.