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Monday, January 31st, 2011


I finally got pictures of Max! He made it extremely difficult, ’cause he wouldn’t sit still for nothing, but out of nearly 60 pictures, I got a few. (Digital photography is the best).

So here’s the baby, 16 months old now…






Those elbow dimples make me weak in the knees.

Clark has preschool today, but the girls are home as it’s the end of semester and the teachers are grading.

Nate and I watched It Might Get Loud last night, which is a Rockumentary (love that word) on Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. It was so cool. And as I’m listening to these guitar legends talk about songwriting, I could totally relate to some things they were saying. It was a bit surreal.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011


I’m SO glad they snap in!





He’s so cute. We’ve been making funny faces at each other today.

Friday, January 21st, 2011


Today, I had a playdate for Clark, made bread, recorded a song, washed pans, and now I’m dyeing wool for my mother-in-law’s bathroom rug. (I know, wool and bathroom don’t typically go together, but it should work in this instance).

Here are PICTURES!





I’m realizing that there aren’t a whole lot of pictures of Max. This is because when I have the opportunity to take pictures, he’s down for a nap. Yes, those two things are related.

Poor Max. I’ll try to get some photos of him soon.

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Music vs. Housework

I’m having a hard time balancing housework and songwriting. Songwriting is rewarding and fun. Housework is not fun, and only lasts for an hour or so ’til the savages run through and destroy it again.

Hmmmm. Tough decision.

But if I ignore it too long, I get grumpy with the mess and heaven knows no one ELSE is going to do it. So I guess it’s time to switch back over to “housework” mode. Dangit. I don’t want to.

And while I’m procrastinating, I’ll tell you that I have a number of new songs I’m starting to work on, having just finished 2. My short term goal is to get a group of songs done and ready to be submitted for copyright. I think 6-8 will be enough. I had 8 in my first group.

Saturday, January 8th, 2011


Cool stuff! I admit to having been out of the loop. Clark, Max and I went toy shopping yesterday with a couple gift cards to Target and Toys R Us. It was a very fun morning. Clark amazes me with how pleasant and reasonable he can be.

At Target, we happened upon a 10 piece Playmobil Fire Truck set that had no price, and when I took it to a scanner, it came up at $3.66. I wasn’t familiar with Playmobil, but I knew that couldn’t be right so I asked two “Target Team Members” and it was confirmed. $3.66. Being the coolest fire truck in the store (and really cheap) we bought it. He played with it all afternoon, evening, and is now up first thing this morning and playing with it again.



Here is another new toy, the MagnaDoodle. He’s getting so good at writing his name!


So that was a lot of fun yesterday.

After the whole house taking turns being sick for the past 2+ months, I’m SO ready for the new year. I think we’re mostly healthy now. Nate and I have residual sinus yuck, but that’s it.