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Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Crafts with t-shirts

The girls and friends are cutting up old clothing made from knit fabric to make headbands, fingerless gloves, tote bags and such. They’re having fun. Nate’s in Canada ’til tomorrow afternoon giving a marketing presentation to some lawyers. I’m cleaning things.

I’m not sure where the boys are at the moment. They’re playing with cousins. I should go find them. They’re being awful quiet.

I played and sang in a band assembled for a one time performance in the park at the Pioneer Day celebration on Saturday. It was really fun. My first live performance. I had to practice in front of a microphone because it’s not that easy. It takes some freaky coordination to play, sing, and keep an appropriate/consistent distance from the mic.

But I had so much fun!


(I’m the one with the guitar. Ok, the one standing up with the guitar. The other one is a bass)

We were playing old folk songs a la Home on the Range and Clementine. We also snuck in a few others like Horse With No Name and Tinman from America.

Having my first taste of performing live music, I want to do it again, so I’ve put together a setlist of my own songs that I’m practicing in front of a mic at home. My own songs are a lot harder to play than two chord folk songs like Skip To My Lou, etc. but I’m doing it.

Here are a few pics…

Clark before his haircut (I was overruled. I love his beautiful curls).


Brothers playing cars on the porch. So cute.


Liv and her cute little friend, Dylan at our watermelon carving party on the 4th of July. (They snuck inside the church with cousins for some recreational music).


I actually have more pictures of the 4th.




stop the press! A picture of Abby that isn’t the back of her head running away from the camera!


Liv and Dylan again.





coolest watermelon of the day (not ours. This is Tim’s creation)


Later that night, Nate lighting his watermelon



Clark’s first year enjoying the fireworks instead of hiding in the house, covering his ears


Max and I, watching fireworks


I think that’s it. Wow, posting takes a long time!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

What do you do on a cold, gray, rainy mid-July day?

Well, if you’re me, you bake 24 loaves of bread!

I think I’ve put about 25 pounds of wheat through the grinder today, but I didn’t use it all. I grind every other bread baking day. So there’s a big Rubbermaid container of fresh flour in the fridge (about 12 loaves worth) for next time. So I’ve got 16 loaves of whole wheat for us, 4 for my friend and neighbor, and by huge request, 4 loaves of raisin cinnamon bread for morning toast.

We’re probably having french toast for dinner. I’m not feeling up to much more than that at this point. (Hmmm, I wonder how raisin cinnamon french toast would be?)

As much as I don’t feel like cooking anymore today, I found what looks to be a great biryani recipe online and I’m dying to try it, with some of this on the side. Maybe tomorrow.

I’m trying to think of what has happened since I checked in last…..

The kids are out of school. Max is really growing up. He’s understanding more and communicating more. He’s really stinking cute. Still not sleeping through the night… I’m convinced that the sleep lost between him and Clark is going to cost me a few years of life expectancy.