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Monday, March 26th, 2012

GI Joe

I have some really cute pictures, but someone that’s not me somehow crushed the cable that connects my camera to the computer, so I can’t download pictures ’til I get a new one, and I never think about it ’til I want to download pictures. So, no photos today.

But, Nate decided it was time to get out some of his old GI Joe toys, circa 1982 & 3, so the boys can play with them. They’ve been having SO much fun. It’s really cute. So there are about 40 action figures and a bunch of large tanks, armored cars, and fighter jets all over the living room.

The rubber bands holding the old action figures together have started disintegrating, so Nate and I opened up and fixed about 20 of them on Saturday night. Silly fun.

In other news, I started packing this last weekend, and took down some shelving. There are a number of boxes in the basement now. I started with my wool room, and I think today I’m going to pack some knickknacks off of bookshelves and glassware in the kitchen.

We still have 3 months, so I worry a bit that I’ll end up wanting to use things that I’ve packed, but I’m getting really antsy. I need to make some progress.

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Not up to the task

We have a showing today at 1. It’s 9 am now. I’m SO not motivated to get things cleaned up so that strangers can walk through my home. It’s gray, and cold, and very, very wet out. It has me feeling somber.

I work hard to keep my mood and my outlook positive. You choose what you think about, what you dwell on, where you let your thoughts go. Sometimes it’s easier than other times. But it’s always a delicate balance. It takes all my energy and effort, and when I’m hit with the negativity of others, it can really knock my feet out from under me.

I don’t feel like standing up today.

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

The lull before the storm

There’s not much going on at the moment. Well, other than mothering 5 crazy kids. So there’s always tons going on, but in terms of moving and such, not much. I think the bubble is going to pop at some point, and I’ll suddenly have to get the house packed in 3 days or something. There was a massive, crazy 3 week insanity, trying to get the house “good enough” to go on the market and show. Now, other than trying to keep it clean-ish at that level, I’m not doing much.

I think the next big thing would be cleaning out the garage so there’s a good place to store packed boxes. But it’s SO FREAKING COLD!!!!! And wet, and not nice outside, I just can’t get myself psyched up to do it. Plus, there’s a lot of hazardous chemicals and latex paint cans to deal with, and I flat out don’t want to.

However, I’m afraid that time is slipping away from me, and at some point in the future, I’ll be mad that I didn’t make use of every single day in getting ready to move.

But, there are still no offers on the house. Not a lot of traffic coming to look at it. We have to drop the price slowly to show the bank that it really won’t sell for more than whatever offer eventually comes in, so they’re more likely to accept it. Which again means that it’s going to go from “nothing’s happening” to “crap! I have no time” real quick.

And yet, I’m enjoying the lull. I’ve been knitting the last couple days. I can’t remember the last time I indulged like this, and it’s glorious. I’ll post pictures when it’s done, which will be soon. It’s kind of a funky, orange shawl that may end up being a warm house shawl/blanket type thing. It might be too weird to wear out in public, but I don’t care. I’ve wanted to knit this pattern for years and I finally have.

Here’s a cute picture I took for my Twitter account yesterday (I don’t post there, just internet stalk my favorite musicians). I really like how it turned out.