Saturday, August 7th, 2004

Health Group- week 9

We’ve had some more suggestions for a group name. These are from Gayle:

Stitchin’ Fit
(Stitch & Fit)
(Stitch ‘n Fit)
Purlin’ Pounds

I thought Stitch ‘n Fit was pretty funny. And then the husband has one, which is “Dropped Stitches.” We’re still taking suggestions.

This week was better than last for me. Monday, I did weights, went on a 2 mile walk, and did my physical therapy.
Tuesday, I did weights, phys th, and a bike ride for 30 minutes.
Wednesday, I did weights.
Thursday I went on another walk. I know there was some phys th in there somewhere, but I didn’t write it down, so I don’t remember which day.
Friday, I’m afraid all I did was work on that birthday doll, so no exercise occurred.
Today I am determined to get upper and lower body weights in, physical therapy, but probably no official aerobic activity.

I’m pretty excited because my gimpy leg is getting better. I think that some of the hip stretches the physical therapist has me doing are helping to untwist my left leg. I’ve been walking faster and I’m having less pain. It’s still there, but it takes longer to show up and it isn’t bad enough to make me slow down. So I’m happy about that. Also, my back pain has been minimal this week, which is also very exciting. I’m doing some strengthening exercises in my lower back which seem to be helping.

As far as food goes, I’m still doing really well. I’m eating a ton of fresh vegetables and fruit. For most of the week, I’ve been 225 pounds, which means that I have lost 20 POUNDS!!! Woo hoo! But the last 2-3 mornings I’ve been a pound or so higher. So I don’t get to do the official happy dance yet. But it is coming, I can feel it. The problem yesterday is that I didn’t eat enough during the day because I was trying to get that birthday doll done (second photo journal coming on Monday), and so by dinner time, I made some quick spaghetti and buttered sourdough toast and I totally hoarfed. (That word, as far as I know, is the creation of Hilary, one of my sisters-in-law. I just realized that I don’t know how to spell it. I’ll have to call her.) I ate a ton of refined carbs for the first time all week last night, and it showed up on the scale this morning. How annoying. Another thing that has been sabotaging me the last couple of days has been some homemade blackberry ice cream. This wonderful older woman I know named Adele makes the stuff, so when the girls and I went into the backyard and picked a mountain of blackberries on Monday, I called her and asked if we could come over and turn them into ice cream. I probably don’t even need to tell you that it is divine, and I have about a gallon and a half of it in my freezer.

Your turn. Jenny has been walking. How’d you do this week?