Mon Aug 30, 2004

Bucket Hat marathon

But before we get into that, I have a couple items of business to take care of. First of all, the quote from Friday’s post is at the end of the Cave Troll scene in Fellowship of the Ring. Second, I have not been receiving all of my email at the address attached to my site. If you want to contact me, or have contacted me and haven’t received a response when one was warranted, then please try me again at poormissfinchATmacDOTcom. I never ignore anyone on purpose.

Excellent. So on to my crazy yesterday.

I was reading Fluffa! yesterday morning, and had a sick feeling in my stomach when I read that the final day for the Bucket Hat knitalong contest was today. I had signed up to participate, and had no hat. Ignoring the fact that I have school backpacks to complete before Wednesday, I quickly scanned the stash and grabbed some old cotton yarn that my friend Gayle gave me recently, I believe from her late Grandmother’s collection. The following is an account of my mad dash attempt at completing a Bottom’s Up bucket hat for the knit along.

9:20 am- Read Becky’s site and realized I was in for it.

9:23-10:00 am- contemplated whether or not I really wanted to do what I was about to do.

10:00 am- raided the stash


and wound first skein of selected yarn into a ball. (Check out that label! I wonder how old it is?)

10:17 am- cast on a size small for Veronica. Smaller heads make for quicker knitting.

11:00 am- got Veronica out of bed.


finished brim to hat.


realized that in my haste, I had neglected to double the yarn for the brim. Oh well, no turning back now.

11:30 am- really finished brim, as I added another set of decrease rows.

11:32 am- bathroom break, no toilet paper.

11:35 am- discovered that I didn’t have a size 7, 16 inch circular needle. We’re continuing with size 6.

12:15 pm- tried the hat on Veronica for the first time to make sure it is even close to the right size as I didn’t take the time to swatch gauge.


12:20 pm- resumed knitting.

12:35 pm- changed Veronica’s diaper, brushed Olivia’s hair.

1:30 pm- finished hat band, took picture.


2:00 pm- ran out of first skein of yarn, wound second.


2:05 pm- joined new yarn and resumed knitting.

2:25 pm- switched to double pointed needles (closing the top).

2:28 pm- fed girls lunch.

2:45 pm- completed knitting the hat. Begin weaving in ends.

2:50 pm- ALL DONE!!!!!

3:20 pm- final photo shoot.


I think this will be the official photo I enter into the contest. Since I believe I have all day to decide, let me know if you disagree. I will include more highlights from the photo shoot in the link that follows.

I’ve enjoyed this wild and crazy ride. I’m glad I was able to fulfill my obligation as a knit alonger, and thanks to Becky for inspiring me!

21 Responses to “Bucket Hat marathon”

  1. Janine Says:

    that child is too cute for words! I think the picture you have picked is perfect, although I do like the one headshot.

  2. monica Says:

    WOW! You should win the contest for the fastest bucket hat knitted. That hat looks adorable on your daughter.

  3. Paula Says:

    The bucket hat looks great, the colour is wonderful, your model is simply adorable!
    I like the photo you chose however my favourite is # three… OH! heck, I like them all send the lot to Becky let her choose….

  4. Laura Says:

    Hee hee. Thanks!

  5. Clara Says:

    Wow, great job! I love the colour you chose and the ribbing you added to the design. The photo you chose is the cutest!

  6. Cindy Says:

    Very cute! awesome job!

  7. Jenny Says:

    Woweewowwow!! I think you just might win the Stanley Cup for this “hat trick”!!Amazing feat, and what an obliging little model! Doesn’t look like she needs any prompting! For old stash yarn, that hat looks great! Veronica looks so very sweet.

  8. Becky Says:

    AWESOME! Frankly speaking, my dear, I absolutely MUST link to the entire entry because your bucket hat story is just too excellent to not share in the knitalong!

    Your little girl is adorable. I love how she’s holding the yarn in the unfinished bucket pictures. What a sport she is!

  9. Rossana Says:

    WOW! My hat’s off to you, Laura A! Amazing speed and the hat looks SUPER! Congrats!

  10. larissa Says:

    Gorgeous little girl and an awesome hat! I like picture #1 the best, but to show off both the model and the hat #2 is — while rather sentimental — probably the best practical one.

  11. athena Says:

    awesome! love the pic you chose.

  12. Uli Says:

    What a beautiful hat and a great model. I love the picture you picked. What a great little photo story from crazy start to crazy finish of your hat.

  13. sharlyn Says:

    What a day! I love the picture you chose, it’s the one I would have picked too.

  14. allison Says:

    So cute! I like the photo you chose but I also really like #1. She is adorable. And, I’m sorry, but she sleeps until 11:00???? No fair! ;)

  15. Stacie Says:

    Great hat and adorable model!!! Your bucket race story is wonderful, the picture of your daughter wearing the hat amidst the flowers is frame worthy!

  16. FYRKRKR Says:

    Laura, you never cease to AMAZE me!!! What a great hat, a great tale and a pretty Princess model!!! I know that my Grammie is smiling down from Heaven very glad that ol’ yarn got used to make something so beautiful.

  17. Laura Says:

    Thank you everyone!

    Allison- she wakes up earlier than 11, although I don’t really know what time. I learned early on in her life that if I went to get her out of bed too early, we all paid for it. She’s a much happier girl when she has some play time before getting up. I think it is less critical now that she’s older, but when I’m busy in the morning, if she’s happy to talk to herself in the crib for awhile, I’ll let her! I’d say that I typically get her up around 10.

  18. Janet Says:

    Had to pop in and tell you how incredibly cute the hat, your daughter and your story are! :-)

  19. the country girl Says:

    Laura you are too much!!! I LOVE the hate though. She seems rather pleased with it too! I did even worse than you. I bought the pattern, prepared to make the hat, set it aside and never did find my pattern again! IT”S LOST! ugh… so no hat. I love yours though. IT’s brillant colored and the little sweetie wearing it is just as lovely!

  20. sUsAn Says:

    Love your bucket hat-in-a-day! Whew!

  21. cherylc Says:

    Beautiful bucket hat. Can I just say we both have beautiful three year old daughters who have matching pajamas, but mine gets up at 7am and her hair is not even touching her shoulders yet? I bet Veronica got her pajamas from one of her sisters; my daughter got them from an older cousin. Anyway, your hat story is amazing. I’m not sure I can knit a hat in one day with one child!

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