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Monday, May 9th, 2011

I haven’t felt particularly interesting lately

Just busy busy.

Nate, Sam and I went to a small club in Seattle to see KT Tunstall on Wednesday night. She was solo. I prefer her with the band, but it was still really cool. Aside from the drunk ladies that decided to get into a screaming/pushing fight to the left of me.

(I’m, what, 4 sentences into the blog and I’ve had to get up 5 times to separate fighting boys. Sigh).

I haven’t spent much time in bars. Or any time in bars, really, so I haven’t seen stuff like that. Alcohol isn’t pretty. 2 tall women in their 20s gaining up on a short lady in her 60s and pushing her around, spilling drinks everywhere… I had to catch her a few times so she wouldn’t fall down before the bouncers arrived. What up with that?

But KT is great.


I’m still working on my music as I have opportunity. Which is like, 2 minutes here (with interruptions) and 3 minutes there (with more interruptions), but I really enjoy it (minus the interruptions). It’s satisfying. KT has online tutorials where she shows you how to play some of her songs. They’re really great and I’ve learned a bit more about rhythm guitar.

Then I stumbled across a band called The Living End on YouTube a few weeks ago and wow. I’m totally in love with them. Three masterful musicians and fantastic music, though a different style for me. It’s rekindled my desire to play lead and now I want to do it rockabilly style, which makes Nate incredibly happy. He loves Brian Setzer.

Ugh. Max is screaming. Again. I’ll be back after I make him a waffle.

In other news, I’m back on the horse and am having some success with exercise and watching what I eat. I feel great and have a ton of energy, so that’s something.

I can’t knit at all without my elbows revolting. So I spent some time making batts for the shop instead.

Nate is still looking for new graphic design clients. He re-did his website and it’s really cool. Check it out if you want and spread the word. He’s also doing something fun called Art Patrol. The link will get you to the webpage and explain the details, but he’s asking for submissions of ugly design. Anything that anyone sees anywhere. Take home menus, fliers, postcards, websites… anything. Take a picture of it or send a scan or file or URL to him and he’ll choose one submission a day, work on it for one hour and make it pretty. Then he posts the before and after. It’s neat.

On Saturday, Nate took the kids on their annual romp to “Free Comic Book Day” and they came home with piles and piles of comic books.


That’s all I can think of that’s happening right now. Just a whole lot of busy.