Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch


The weather couldn’t have been better. If it had got any warmer, I would have been uncomfortable, because I was prepared for the worst. As it turned out, Clark shed his coat and hat. I took off my coat, but still had on the snowboots, alpaca legwarmers, wool fingerless mitts, scarf, and hat. Happily, we didn’t need rain gear, but it looked threatening a few times.

All in all, a lovely day.







I’m really excited because this afternoon, Nate’s taking over the household duties and I’m chaperoning Liv and her orchestra at a Bluegrass/Roots music retreat. It’s 28 hours of intensive instrument lessons and jam sessions culminating in a live performance Friday evening. The students get to pick either their orchestra instrument, banjo, mandolin, stand up bass, or guitar. Liv is going to learn the stand up bass. The parents are encouraged to play instruments along side the kids, so I get to take my guitar.

It sounds like so. much. fun.

I’m taking all the seats out of the back of my Expedition in a few hours so I can swing by the school and pick up a truckload of basses and cellos. Then Liv and I are off to the party!