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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I’m here, I’m here

Thanks for continuing to check in. I’m not posting much, it’s true, but things have never been busier for me. I have 3 adolescent daughters (ponder that for a moment. Mmm-hmm) and 2 active, young boys all at the same time. Plus, our house is on the market and not selling, which means we’ve had over 40 showings, or thereabouts, which means I have to keep up on the housework, like, all the time.

And I still don’t have a camera cable to download pictures onto the computer. (The photos to download are stacking up). Best Buy doesn’t have the right cable, and the local camera shop is all out and doesn’t know when they’ll be back in stock. My bigger camera that HAS a cable is hidden from easy view and reach so it isn’t stolen when people are walking through my house with realtors. And picture-less posts seem so boring when they pile up…

So, that’s the short list. It might sound like complaining, but that’s not how I’m feeling at the moment. It’s just a lot. to. do., keep up with, etc.

So, let’s see….. I went on a fabulous field trip last week for 3 days with Veronica’s 5th grade class. We went to eastern Washington, camped at a fabulous facility called Camp Delaney (highly recommend) which happens to be smack dab in the middle of the Dry Falls. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. We visited the new windmill power plant in Ellensburg. SO COOL! And toured the Grand Coulee dam, Rocky Reach dam, saw Steamboat Rock, Waterville, the Ginko Petrified Forest, etc. And did I mention our camp was INSIDE THE DRY FALLS?!

Amazing, fascinating, wonderful. I did this field trip with Abby in 5th grade also and it’s my very, very favorite thing. Nate was a peach and stayed home with the kids and the house showings all on his own. Max was extremely difficult, which is his normal state of being, and I’m very grateful to him (Nate) for taking it all on so I could go.

I turned 37 on Sunday. (I guess I should change the sidebar again). Had a very nice birthday. Quiet and low key. My mom came into town for my birthday and to help me get ready to move. My brother spoiled me rotten, having acquired thoughtful, meaningful gifts over the last couple months and showering me with them all weekend. Veronica made a beautiful bracelet that I have no intention of ever taking off. I feel very loved.

I can’t believe we’re wrapping up the school year! More than anything, this means we’re getting closer and closer to moving. Well, theoretically, as we want to move mid-August. We don’t have a plan yet as there are still things that need to fall into place before we CAN move, like $$$, but summer continues to draw closer, and it seems so weird.

We still intend to go to Texas. Aside from the leaving our dear friends and family, which is heartbreaking, I am excited for what lies ahead. It’s been a difficult 4 years, to say the least. And I continue to hear wonderful things about Texas, and Austin specifically. And I’m SO VERY READY to not be cold anymore!!! Sounds weird coming from me as I used to like the cold, and I do like using my warm knits, and bundling up… But it’s been winter up here for 2 years now, and I’ve freaking had it.

In knitting news, I finished an orange shawl (the cocoon shawl from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls) awhile ago. I’d wanted to knit it for years and finally did. My friend Carol and I ordered some dyed sock yarn from Knitpicks and raced each other, actually. She won. But mine ended up looking way too 70s. And not the good kind. So I overdyed it red and it’s purrrrrrfect! Love it. I wear it to church and around the house to keep the chill off.

I’ve also been working on that wretched hexagon Spider Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. The pattern isn’t particularly fun, but more than anything, my yarn sucks. The color sucks, the way it feels sucks, it’s ugly…… But I really want to finish the stupid thing. I’ve come so far…

And then I’m going to dye it black.

When that’s all done, I have some very cheerful, rainbow handspun I want to make a little scarf out of, and a couple weeks ago I bought some ridiculously expensive silk/merino laceweight with a gift certificate I received for Christmas that I’m excited to find a project for.

That’s what I’ve got. Hope you’re all well. TTYL.