Sun Oct 16, 2011

Bluegrass and fire stations and stuff

First of all, here’s Liv as a brunette. Or redhead. Or whatever.


We had a wonderful time at the bluegrass thing. I’m so impressed by Liv’s orchestra teacher. She teaches at 2 junior high schools, so both schools came. She was the only one in charge. It was just her and assorted parent chaperones. We spent Thursday night in instrument specific classes, where the kids learned how to play the instrument of their choosing. I was able to help out in the guitar class. Then late that night, a number of instructors, chaperones and students played together, mostly improvising. Bluegrass style. Totally fun.

The next day, we divided into 6 groups or “bands,” mixing the instruments up, and each band worked on a song. We played all day, in about 1 hour increments, breaking for meals and a block of 2 hour free time in the afternoon. Then more band practice. Then sound check. Friday night, the parents arrived and the instructors (a mom, dad, 3 sons and one friend) did a show. Then each band performed their song. Ours was “shortenin’ bread”). The instructor family did a finale of “Johnny B Good” bluegrass style, and it was rockin’.

So. much. fun.

However, the food completely sucked. I can’t even articulate how bad it was. If I go again, I’m taking a cooler and feeding myself. Well, myself and Liv. She hated it, too.

This was our band.


I’m in a pink hat, in the back, on the left. Liv is to the right of the banjo, under the horizontal cello, wearing red. Our instructor is in black, holding the yellow stand up bass.

Here are some more photos. Our practices were all indoors, but we played outside while waiting for our turn to sound check on stage. And it was freezing.




That’s pretty much all I got in the way of pictures. It was a busy 28 hours.

The local fire station was hosting a pancake breakfast and tour Saturday morning, so we all had fun with that.





Can you tell which of my kids really likes to have her picture taken, and which totally doesn’t?

In other news, I need a black/gray based hat. I don’t have one, and I have acquired some shirts and a scarf over the past year that really don’t go with brown. So I might have some spinning and knitting in my near future. It got real cold, real fast, and I need more woolies to keep me warm.

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