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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

And just when I needed a “cheer-up”

Stocking yarn arrived!



Olivia is giddy. She’s been wanting to knit her stocking for months. She can’t stop touching the yarn and putting colors together.

That’s my girl.

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

They’re ok. I’m ok. It’s all ok.

The girls got on the bus this morning, and even arrived at school eventually, but what happened between those two events had me in near hysterics for about an hour. The reason I’m not going to give you the details is because it involves particulars about my children’s transportation, and I don’t know everybody that reads here. But the words “alone” and “stranded” are certainly applicable. It’s the only thing on my mind this morning, so it’s the only thing I can think to blog about.

Right now, I am still very actively focusing on calming down. Which seems the perfect time to show you a picture I’ve been hanging on to for awhile.


One of the many, many things the previous owners of our house left when they left was a bird feeder. We put seed in it at the beginning of the summer, before school was out. The birds didn’t stop by for a long time, but they do now, and it’s fun to watch. We get seemingly hundreds of these chickadees, and I think we get the brown ones, too. We get a lot of red-breasted nuthatches, some Blue Jays, and I’ve seen two other birds, each once.

This one that seemed to peck a hole in the tree and then drink out of it-



and a messy looking brown bird with what looked like mottled red on its chest.

Oooh, ooh, and I forgot about the hummingbird. It zoomed in to the yard, came right up to the big windows in the living room, hovered there for nearly 10 seconds (we were practically face to face) and zoomed off again.

I want to get a hummingbird feeder, because that’s just too cool.

And now I’m going back to deep breathing and concentrated calm.

I take Veronica to kindergarten in a couple hours, and you’d better believe I’m going to be there this afternoon when they’re getting on the bus to make sure they’re on the right one, or even get on one.

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Two more days of summer break

It’s so strange. I can’t believe the summer’s already over. I’m sad. And a bit stressed that we’re entering the school year at such a disadvantage. With the homework (Abigail received TWO homework assignments in the mail that are due the first day of school. Olivia’s teacher assigns homework every weekend) and helping in class and everything, I wanted to be all organized and ready. But I’m not. The house isn’t put back together from the floors being redone. My garage is still a mess, which keeps me from being able to fully organize my house. I’m hoping that I can work on it more when the girls are at school. If Clark cooperates. We need to go shopping for school supplies still, and I don’t have a list from Abby’s class, but I’m hoping to get one this afternoon.

I think I’m over-stressing. It’ll be fine. Wanting everything to be perfect causes me more grief than I need sometimes.

Topic change- I took a bunch of pictures of Clark last night and this morning.



I took the last one by holding the camera over the two of us. Not the most flattering picture, but it’s still incredibly cute.

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Health Group- Year 3, week 11

I did ok this week. Not as good as I’d hoped, but my milk production is better. I’ve been drinking more water and eating better. I’m doing breakfast shakes again, and my energy level has risen significantly. I need to go grocery shopping to stock up on healthy and fresh food, but I haven’t had sufficient motivation to get me there with 4 kids. Not surprising. So I’ve done more junk snacking that I’ve wanted to.

The girls go to school starting Wednesday. I can’t believe it. Where did the summer go? But I’m hoping to start exercising by the end of this week. And I’m going to go to the store.

I have no idea what I weigh right now. The scale, which belongs on my bathroom floor, is homeless due to the remodel/repair and has been wandering around the house. Considering the way I’ve been eating and not exercising, I haven’t tried very hard to track it down.

Does anyone have anything to report/talk about?

UPDATE- I did my weights and physical therapy this afternoon. It feels really good! I can’t go for a walk or get on the treadmill until the blister on my pinky toe heals.

Friday, August 25th, 2006

What floats? Little, tiny rocks?


Ok, ok, enough of that. I’m probably misquoting anyway. I haven’t seen that movie in at least a decade.

ROCKS! That’s what we’re talking about. Pretty rocks. Rocks that are all over my bathroom floor!


The thinset is still wet. We’re not allowed to walk on it until tomorrow, and it won’t be grouted until the end of next week at the earliest. So when I show you this,


you must believe me when I say that I’m not actually stepping on the rocks. I’m just holding my foot an inch or so above them, so you can get an idea of the size of the rocks. Really, I am.

But don’t tell the tile guy. I had to remove the tape over the door to even see it.

He won’t be back until Tuesday, so we have a three day weekend to stare at grout colors (the little sticks you see in the second picture) and try to make a decision.

Thanks for the love in regards to my table dilemma. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. But today, I get to look at pretty rocks.

And wait anxiously for my stocking yarn to arrive. And think about argyle. In the round. Maybe.

I read the article in an old IK about intarsia in the round. It sounded interesting and doable. But it would mean dealing with messy bobbins again, in a very small and confined space. I’m not sure if I’m up to that with the baby being how he is.

Right now, he’s complaining from my bed where I left him. Not crying yet, but letting me know that if I don’t pick him up again soon, I’m going to be sorry.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

There’s a pit in my stomach

I didn’t tell you this, but when our hardwood floors were refinished two weeks ago, some of the finish sloshed through the heater vent in the floor,


out the heater vent in the ceiling of the basement,


and onto our new dining room table that we thought was well out of harm’s way.

Just let that sink in for a second.

The poor guy came out and tried to fix it last week. When he couldn’t, he took it to his friend who refinishes furniture professionally, and we got it back today.

It. Isn’t. Good.


The matte finish on the right is our leaf, which wasn’t refinished (although it was spilled on). The shiny finish on the left is the table top. (The legs are still matte). The new finish ran down the sides of the table, so when you pull out the leaf, there are drips showing along the edges.

This is a spot in the center of the table that rubbed off almost immediately when we were examining it.


On the edge where there’s some finish missing in a big, broken streak, there are rub marks in the finish that run perpendicular to the grain of the wood. It really stands out, although probably not in the picture so much.


The bottom of one side edge is all chewed up from being moved/transported/whatever.

I think the worst part is that on the entire tabletop, there are what seem to be little pin prick bubbles or something that you can both see and feel. Everywhere.

I want to cry. This is our first nice table. Ever. We’ve had it for three months. It represents the most $$$ we’ve ever laid down for any one piece of furniture.

I’m not yet sure what we’re going to do. I’ve called the furniture store for ideas and they’re mulling it over. I’ve called a reportedly reputable refinishing business, and they ball parked $1000 for the top and leaf over the phone, and it’ll be at least 3 weeks from the time they receive it until we get it back. A salesman will come out and give us a more exact figure if we go that way.

All the while, I’m feeling bad for the hardwood guy, who didn’t take the remaining 40% payment for the job and said if it costs more than that to fix the table, to let him know.

I hate this. He deserves to be paid for the great job he did on our floors. At the same time, we shouldn’t be stuck with a messed up table that’ll NEVER be like new again through no fault of our own.



This is our bathroom. The prep is almost done, I think. The whole project was supposed to be finished by Friday, and that’s SO not happening. Our tile guy has personal problems, so he keeps not showing up and not calling. And now, I hear that he’s concerned about our shower structure supporting the weight of the travertine. Or something. I don’t know.

I once read an article in the paper about an older couple that bought a cool old building in Seattle and were their own General Contractors on its renovation. The wife said something about how it was THE hardest, most trying experience they’d ever had to go through in their life. Based on my life experiences at the time, (car accident resulting in permanent injuries and treatments, marital therapy, seemingly incurable obesity, childhood family disfunction), I thought that was completely pathetic.

Well, it’s still kind of pathetic, considering where a home renovation figures on the scale of things that really matter in life, but I have to say that after the last four months, PLUS the nightmare we went through in January and February trying to get our old house fixed and ready to sell, I’ve at least gained some respect for what she’s talking about.

It’s a legitimate pain in the butt.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

I need to stay away from that store




Welcome home, girls.

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Sock swatch

I got the yarn, needles, and color cards from last week. The sock colors don’t go together quite as well as I’d hoped, so I’m going to order a light tan that I think will blend them well. The brown is kind of scratchy. It’s their Essential sock yarn, and the first time I’ve knit with superwash wool. My original thought was to do stripes of the brown and turquoise, with brown diamonds in the turquoise stripes, but it looked very southwestern, which isn’t what I was going for.

Nate wanted to know what I expected from brown and turquoise, and I have to admit, that was pretty short-sighted of me. But we both agreed that adding a tan would help.

I’m glad I bought more than one size of needle, because their 1 feels a lot bigger than my bamboo dpns in the same size. The swatch I got with the 1 seemed loose and messy.


and the swatch I did with the 0 was very tidy, and felt like a good fabric.


I think I’m just going to do stockinette and wild, mis-matched stripes. Nothing too exciting as far as technique goes, but they’ll be cute.

I finally picked a color palette for our Christmas stockings. YAY! For those of you familiar with Wool of the Andes, it’s

Winter Night
and Cloud

I’m going to order them today. I also think I want to make Nate’s Echo Lake Cardigan out of the Andean Treasure in Cinnamon, but that has to wait until we pay for our bathroom and assess our financial standing.

That being said, we’re going on a double date this afternoon with some friends to the Fluevog store in the city. Remember what happened the last time we were there?

I’ll show pictures.

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Health Group- Year 3, week 10

Here’s what I can tell you. I didn’t eat well on the trip last week, and this week has been too crazy to do very well. And I can feel it. My energy level and physical strength are shot. I started blending my shakes again Thursday, and it’s helping a little bit.

I’m having trouble with milk production. I think it’s because of the lack of eating and sleep on our trip. So I’m supplementing Clark with 4-8 ounces of formula per day. He enjoys the bottle, so that’s nice. And I’m trying to drink a lot more and eat better.

As for this week, my main goals are to eat really well and get re-hydrated, and to get my house back in order.

If those happen, maybe I can think about resuming exercise in two weeks, when school starts up again for the girls.

I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone, and the disparity between how I’d imagined it’d be, and how it actually was. It wasn’t bad, but I’d wanted to be much more social then we were.

And I’m dying to knit. It’s occupying much of my thoughts. I need the therapy, the relaxation, the creation, the color. I need to touch it. But Clark doesn’t let me set him down very much.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Not what you want, I’m sure

We’re back and weary. And I’m too tired to give much of a report. There’s so much happening between the trip we just took and the contractors still parading through our completely disheveled house.

Basically, last week was fun and exhausting. There wasn’t time to sleep, eat, or take pictures, so I’m relying on other people to send me their photos. The girls were beautiful and adored. Even though the third bridesmaid dress never showed up, it all worked out. The wedding was beautiful. The groom is awesome and his family is fabulous. I’m very happy for my sister.

My house is a wreck. We at least got to sleep in our own beds last night, but Clark made sure that I could only think sleep. He did great last week until Thursday, and was very fussy from then on. He didn’t get any of his usual long, deep naps, so when we were finally able to spend the afternoon and evening home yesterday, he slept most of the day and kicked, clawed, bit, scratched, pulled my hair, and screeched like a banshee all night. Unless I let him suckle. Which, after a few hours, I just couldn’t do anymore.

It really was a nice trip. The kids behaved very well. It was just hard. And we’re in the thick of things at the house.

And I’ve got to run.