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Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Yay! I’m in!

I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in! I’m in!

I registered for THE class I wanted SO bad! Remember a couple years ago when I bought The Shepherd’s Rug at the Black Sheep Gathering? Well, at Black Sheep this year, one of the authors is teaching a class on rug braiding with wool roving. I’m really excited. I’ve carded a batt, divided it into three strips and braided it.


I think it turned out pretty cool.


I wonder if I can do a whole rug that way?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Tough to blog…

… when your computer is determined to die (i.e. spontaneously shut off) whenever it thinks you’re making it work too hard.

Or at all.

So, I’m typing on the laptop with one hand (something I’m getting better at out of necessity) because Max won’t let me put him down. Still.

Basically, I’m signing in to say a quick “HELLO!” to y’all and I’ll be back as opportunity presents itself.

Now I’m off to try to make bread one handed ’cause I took the last loaf out of the freezer this morning. Should be interesting.

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Loved to death

“It was on accident, mom!”


Somebody really, really, really loves his hand knit socks.


It’s a bit sad, as these were my favorite of the three pair I’ve made for him. Apparently, they were his favorite, too. They were made from remnants of 2 skeins of Koigu.

I have another sock started for him somewhere that needs to be ripped out and started over. I have no idea where it got off to. But it’s not Koigu, and nothing feels quite like a Koigu sock.


(Added later)

I just handed Clark another pair of socks to wear so we could go out and he said, “No, it’ll make holes in it.”

“That’s ok. We’re supposed to wear our socks. If they get holes, I’ll make more.”


Monday, March 15th, 2010

Sad story

So, there’s a little pond in our backyard. Like everything else done to our house prior to our moving in, it was not done professionally. I noticed some time ago that the pump had stopped. But I didn’t have the mental space, money, or whatever else I needed to deal with it. ‘Til last week.

And it was too late. The only fish I could find in the pond that had previously housed around 10, was this little guy, a descendent of the original 5.


That’s really sad. When we moved here, the pond had one big fish in it. I had an aquarium already with four large fish that I added to the pond when we moved in. And this little guy is all that’s left. I cried a little bit.

So, I got the hospital tank out of the garage, rinsed it, and set it up on the center island in the kitchen ’til we could decide what to do with him. I was reminded of how much I like having a fish tank in the kitchen, so as a family, we decided to keep it. We went out and picked up a filter and decor on Saturday.


I was planning to go with a natural, river theme. Nate really, really wanted a treasure chest that opened and closed with bubbles. Now, I’ve had fish tanks of various sorts most of my life, and I’ve never, ever, ever had a bubbling treasure chest. (Might as well get the neon pink gravel, right?). But I always enjoy making the husband happy, so we went with a Tiki theme.

And I love it!

That stupid little treasure chest is so relaxing to watch.







It’s rhythmic. I’m not going to get anything done for weeks. I could stare at it forever.



Which is kind of convenient as Max has decided that napping is for sissies, and being set down is for the dogs. At least I have something enjoyable to look at that passes the time.

The tank is a 10 gallon now. At some point, we’ll get a 20 long and another fish. (And probably some more Tiki stuff. Or a volcano). But for now, I’m content and Khan has some growing to do.

Something for everyone-

For my part, the fish is named Khan as a tribute to Shahrukh. We are still in full blown Bollywood mode at our house. Nate continues to find and bring new movies home. Paheli is the latest that I really, really like. (The talking puppets are hilarious). Watching Shahrukh act is something to behold. He’s amazing.

Liv, on the other hand, would argue that the fish is named for Aamir, another actor we enjoy watching. Taare Zameen Par is a fabulous movie (although I’ve only seen the second half. The first half is a bit sad). Disney has recently released a dubbed version, with the option of watching it original with subtitles. Liv thinks Aamir’s super dreamy. We celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday with pot pie and cookies.

And then there’s my brother, who will undoubtedly always see Khan as, well, KHAAAAAAAN!!!!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I haven’t even touched the shawl

It’s in the exact same place it was when I photographed it on Monday. Only now, it has some books on it because no horizontal surface in this house is safe from the kids and their accompanying “stuff” that just accumulates.


I’m trying to re-claim my clean house. My children are trying just as hard to destroy it. Since there are significantly more of them than there are of me, I’m losing and it makes me cranky.

That’s pretty much what’s going on around here. Oh, and
-Abby’s home sick
-Max won’t let me put him down unless he’s sleeping
-I have two little boys coming over this afternoon so their moms can work at the school
-I’m trying yet again to get some batts made for my etsy shop and have encountered setbacks. But I’m persisting
-I want to go to sleep

Yup, that’s it.

Monday, March 8th, 2010


On Friday, I received an unexpected envelope in the mail from my friend, Katie. She sent a hat for Max made from yarn she spun, and it fits him perfectly!


It covers his ears and makes his face look chubby, and I love it. Thank you, Katie!

That night, I hosted a shower for my sister-in-law expecting her fifth baby.


She wants a rocker-recliner, so we took contributions for that


and she and I will hopefully pick one up tomorrow.

It’s quite convenient at times, having a graphic designer for a husband. He made a fantastic poster for me that coordinated with the plates and napkins and looked great.


It was a very fun evening and everything turned out well. I had a lot of help with the food, which is great because I was sick last week.

I’m still not at 100%. I’m quite tired and still stuffed up. But today should be a stress-free day. Nate, my knight-in-shining-armor not only made neat visuals for my party on Friday, but he also did the laundry over the weekend and cooked a fantastic dinner last night.

I’m feeling a bit spoiled.

Monday is my get-everyone-off-to-work-and-school-so-I-can-clean-up-from-the-weekend-and-do-laundry-day, but it’s mostly done. So, I’m going to (indulgently rest while I feel like crap) play with the boys and work on the shawl today! (And maybe start on my room, which is a total mess).

The shawl is almost to the second round of increases, which is where I was planning to add the rows of yarnovers.


I’d like to block what I have so I can get a feel for its actual size. It seems so small.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Pretty Baby!




Here’s the last hat I’d planned to make for my mother-in-law.


It’s brioche stitch. Aside from the color variation, it’s the pattern from Weekend Knits. I’m loving me some brioche stitch. It feels amazing. It’s so pretty. It totally has me wanting this book.

So, once I finish shortening the Esther Williams hat I showed you yesterday, (I must have dozed off during the knitting of it, because while I knew I had to lengthen it, I didn’t have to lengthen it 3 inches!), the only other hat I have in mind to knit for her, if I get that far, would be a Tweedy Batt beanie. I wouldn’t have thought my Tweedy Batts would spin into a yarn soft enough, but my wristlets are softer than a hat she got from the hospital that she wears, so I’m interested to see how it’d work.

But, finishing the shawl may be a higher priority right now. I don’t know. I’m fighting a sinus infection and my brain’s all fuzzy.

Monday, March 1st, 2010

I dropped my camera

I was getting ready to take pictures of the progress on my shawl and a hat for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, I had already turned the camera on before setting it down, and it fell off the table and bounced on the lens.

Now the housing is buckled around the lens and the lens cover doesn’t open all the way without help. Crap.

But it does still work. I need to be grateful for that because I totally can’t run out and buy another one.

Stupid recession.

So, here are my pictures. I hardly have the heart to talk about them anymore.


(Clark wanted his Racer X car in the photo).

I finished this hat for her in January, but we decided later in the month that it was a smidge too short to adequately cover her lack of hair, so I took it back to lengthen it. It’s finally done. Same with the white and gold handspun hat you saw a bit ago on Liv, but I gave that back to her last week.

I have now learned that her very small head is small in circumference, not in height. I have one more hat (I keep thinking of new ones, though) to make for her.


I am halfway through the pattern, and the thing is tiny. BUT, I have enough yarn to keep going, so I’m going to mess with it a bit. I like the lacy bit right at the top center, with the rows of holes, so I’m thinking about adding a section of just those holes. I’m not sure where. We’ll see how it develops.

Dangit, I’m upset about my camera!

Busy week this week. I’m hosting preschool again tomorrow and I’m throwing a baby shower on Friday.

And my camera’s busted.